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Sorry if I'm coming into this late.. ALSO check your Firewall to make sure it's 
allowing VoIP ports thru!
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Hi Jon,
Actually, I just received a reply from them!!!
But, they  had no solution they just refered me to the website and the 
instructions there, or to contact my phones manufacture.
Yes, I tried another device I have here, but still the same result. Going to 
try this SIP server you told me and see if it works.
Did you have simular problem in the passed, have had to switch SIP server some 
times or has this worked fine now for a long time?
Best regards,

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Happy new year,

have you tried with the same settings from another device, or maybe a
software sip client?

If it doesnt work with the sip server that you have defined, it might be
worth trying with a sip server for one of their alternative websites, it
often works for me (yes with the same credentials).


Yes, basically dont expect any customer support, just find your own way
around it, which is a shame, but i guess thats how they keep their costs
as low as they are.

Hope this helps, if not, ping back.

On Sat 08/01/2011 at 04:36:26, Christian wrote:
> Hi all out there,
> First, a very happy new year 2010 to all list members!
> There hasn't been much traffic on this list, but I thought I send a message 
> here.
> I have asked this before, but was just curious if you have found something 
> that will offer free calls to the UK.
> I have tried something called voipcheap:
> www.voipcheap.co.uk
> First, the registration wasn't that easy without sighted help. Their client, 
> which you need to use in order to register had a captcha and I tried 
> submiting it first to Salona.net, but they didn't find it so I had to ask a 
> sighted friend of mine reading the screen.
> Anyway, I successfully registered and made a deposit so I could take full 
> advantage of the service, but I got no sound when I registered my Cisco 7960 
> phone with the service and I don't find any way to contact voipcheap customer 
> service, except for some feedback link.
> I tried changing the codec but the same result.
> I read in other forums that some people had problems with it and that service 
> is one among other services from one and the same company.
> So, any tips?
> Just a comment, I have been trying out whistlephone and it works great so now 
> I have free calling to the US.
> Have a great day!
> Many thanks,
> Christian

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