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  • Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2010 00:03:30 +0200

Hi Graham and welcome to the list!
I am from Sweden myself and hopefully, at least what I hope is that this list 
will cover discussions about VOIP internationally and give tips about services, 
accessible software and much more.
When I created this list I thought that there are others like me who use the 
phone a lot and is interested in VOIP and communication and save money on phone 
calls and learn about new things.
Best regards,

On 2010-07-02 at 22:56 Graham Lewis [gjl] wrote:

>Hl#i Christian.  Graham here, from the United Kingdom.  I don;t really
>know anything about VOIP mobile phones, so hope to learn something here.
>I imagine much of what will be discussed will only work on the US though.
>Graham Lewis
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>Hi all,
>First of all, nice to see that so many have joined this list!
>I am thinking about creating some wiki somewhere where one can put links
>to different providers and accessible and cool softwre that has been
>posted onto this list so that one can easily find it. what do you all
>Best regards,

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