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Some questions you have to ask yourself when you do the
youtube.com video with Replay AV8.

1. Do I need the video to be in a video format or just in a
audio format?

2. If you choose to save in a video format then that video
format will playback for sure on your computer but that video
format may not work on your stand alone DVD player/recorder
thats connected to your television set. Some DVD machines
support certain video formats so check your device's manual.

Instructions to capture your youtube.com video are below:

1. Run Replay AV 8
2. Alt+r, then capture audio video stream option.
3. Follow the on screen dialog boxes.
4. Minimize Replay AV with windows logo plus m.
5. Go to youtube.com
6. Locate and play the video you want Replay AV to capture.

Tip: Play the youtube.com video for 30 seconds and then press
alt+F4 to stop the video from playing.

7. Go back to Replay AV 8 with alt+tab command.
9. You will see in the listview listbox the youtube.com video
path URL.
10. tab over to the add recording button.
11. The properties dialog box appears for the video.    
12. You will be in the basics tab.
13. name your file
14. In the convert to combo box choose the format you want the
flash video youtube.com uses to another format.

Choose OK button when done in basic tab of properties.

In your Replay AV listbox where you shows and stations appear
you will see the name of your youtube video and it will say
"capturing". Wait a few mintues.

Now if you want to convert your videos to play on your home DVD
player you will need something like Nero which converts some
video formats to standard DVD format so your videos can play on
your home DVD machine.

Not sure If Replay Converter can do this for you. Will check on

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