[blindreplay] you Send It/Applian Media Currier

  • From: Kelly Pierce <kellytalk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 21:00:03 -0500

Tonight I downloaded Replay A/v 8.21 and installed it. When I went to the You Send It feature, it was necessary to use my review cursor to access the elements on the screen. I read that it was necessary to register, so with some simulated mouse action, I pressed the registration link and was taken to a regular html web page. I filled out a form for something called the Applian Media currier with You Send It. After registering, I received an e-mail confirmation and I selected the link inside to verify my e-mail address.

I closed everything and started Replay A/v fresh. I went to a show I wanted to use the e-mail function with and checked the checkbox to e-mail the file to a friend. I was told I either need to log in or register. I was then taken to the Applian media Currier screen. with my review cursor, I routed JAWS to the edit fields to enter my e-mail address and password, which I successfully did. However, there was no button or link that was accessible to submit this information. This should be corrected.

Also, documentation on the Applian Media Currier/You Send It function is skimpy to non-existent. On the web page I arrived at with the confirmation e-mail, there was much support information regarding the You Send It service. I have used You Send It for years so there wasn't anything much new here. However, I can find no documentation to understand how You Send It works in Replay. For example, does it send the file after conversion or after the raw capture is ended? Do end users need to log in every time they wish to use the You Send It feature or just once, like user registration? A basic discussion of functionality and operation would be very helpful.

Hopefully, this all can be resolved.


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