[blindreplay] Re: where do I find data in rr9

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You will find the support area within RR9's Help Menu. Press alt+h for the help 
menu and then choose About. In the Help dialog tab arround slowly until you 
hear General checked by your screen reader or the word General. When you hear 
General announced by your screen reader press your right arrow key one time and 
listen for the word Support. When you hear the word Support announced by your 
screen reader press your Enter keyboard key on the word Support. You have made 
the Support tab sheet active now. Press your tab key to find the data you want 
to send to tech support. It will place a log file on your desktop. 

It's been awhile since I have been there.
No speech has been turned off here. I used RR9 quite a bit with JAWS 14.

As for the podcasts being shown as a .txt file in your My Recordings list I was 
told this is normal and did bring it up to the developer.

You will have to manually adjust your podcast schedule settings from time to 
time. This is my experience only.

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  Is there a place I can go to find data saved for rr9?  I would like to
  send information on my settings but cannot find an easy way to do it. 
  Also rr9 still turns off the voice for nvda and I cannot start jaws 14
  once certain programs start being recorded.  The podcasts are still
  saving txt files and not podcasts.  I downloaded the newest version of
  rr9 but that has not changed.  Any suggestions would be welcome.  Kurt
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