[blindreplay] using jaws, how to schedule a recording to repeat every week or every day

  • From: "joanne" <houseofmusic3345@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 14:21:19 -0400

Trying to give you an idea what I'm wanting to do and hope subject line was clear, but here's what came up in a conversation with a sighted friend and I'm not sure we can do this using Jaws. I was teaching my friend what I know about this program, and, while I did give him some basics of getting started, he shared something with me that I didn't know--he said I didn't have to go in, every week, to change the date manually to record a program that I know will be on weekly at the same time. I'm not referring to the shows or podcasts; I'm referring to, say, wanting to record a particular program off a radio station that I know always comes on at same time and on same day. Again not a show listed in guide, because I know that the shows in the guide are set to automatically capture at the show's given time. I'm referring to a program like, say, a certain deejay's show on ACB Interactive or a few hours from a station that shows every week or every day at a given time. I thought in these situations I had to manually change the date each time, but he says there's a setting whereby you can check a box that says repeating and it brings up the days of the week and you check the day or days you want the station to capture. I have seen these weekdays when looking at my podcasts, or when looking at scheduled shows from the guide, but not when simply setting a record timer for recording a few hours from one of the listed stations. Whether I arrow to record once on or to unscheduled, I don't see this repeat checkbox. I am using Jaws 7 and 8 and Replay 8--but can go back to 7 if this feature shows in 7, which is actually the version of Replay that my friend has. Just wondered if, like the sighted, we have a way of setting this up like a VCR-type timer, or if the repeat and weekday buttons are not yet accessible to us.

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