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I had already used Leslie's upgrade code and bypassed the demo screen. Both my old Replay-AV and the new RC codes are registered. All this was done with a clean install so I'm not sure if my problem is something unique to my system or what else is going on. I was tempted to go back to the earlier version but don't want to do that. i haven't tried other conversions except for .ogg, but i can convert easily to .ogg without hanging up my system and the conversions are successful. Without the error message I realize that you can't replicate the problem. My only reason for spending so much time on this is that i want to split files into separate songs via mp3 direct cut. If anyone can recommend a free or low-cost conversion utility for this I may be able to bypass Replay Converter. in the meantime, I'll play with it some more.


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Uninstall 8.50 completely and backup your schedule8.dat file. Install Replay AV 8.52 and I believe Leslie is offering us on this list a free upgrade code. So ask her and copy that code as you will need it to activate Replay AV 8.52's full potential and the new Replay Converter. I have no issues here.

When do the uninstall for Replay AV 8.50 uninstall all its components in add or remove in control panel area. Reboot your computer and download and install Replay AV 8.52. There were some issues with Replay AV 8.50 & 8.51.

The key is to do a complete uninstall first. Make sure you see no Replay Converter listings in your add or remove area before proceeding.

So uninstall Replay AV8.5, Replay Converter (there should be only one), YouSendIt Express, WinPCat. Backup your schedule8.dat file.

Reboot computer.

Ask Leslie for a upgrade product key code as you will need it.

Copy this code with ctrl+c.

Download and install Replay AV 8.52

Take your time with this install.

When install is finished it will say you have a demo version.

Use ctrl+v to past the upgrad product key code. Tab to the submit button and press spacebar.

I sure hope this helps you out and all goes well for you.

If you are seeing duplicate Replay Converter listings in your Control Panel's add or remove area you will need a program like CCleaner.


CCleaner is spelled with 2 letter c's and not one letter.

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From: susan wojtecki <susan.wojtecki@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [blindreplay] still having problems with Replay Converter
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Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 3:28 PM
Hi listers,
Using JAWS 8 and Replay-AV 8.5 with RC 3, I am still having
problems with the popup window. As other users have
reported, when attempting to convert from .asf or .rm to
.mp3 the popup window seems to obscure whatever else is open
on the screen regardless of whether it is minimized or not
and most of the time the conversions seem to fail at the
outset, often not getting past 0 percent. They do seem to
work occasionally but I suspect that it is usually when I am
away from the computer and hence not using it for any other
activity, though even then they sometimes don't work. I
can usually convert to .mp3 by the manual method so I'm
not sure whether there is a problem with the kodeks or
something else. Reboots and reinstallation have not changed
the situation. There is sometimes an error report generated
but I have not yet been able to read it in the JAWS virtual
window. Incidentally, i tried converting to .ogg and none of
this happened so I'm not sure what to think. Can anyone
suggest what I might try? Many thanks as always.

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