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Petro, thank you so much. I will try your instructions but would very much appreciate your help. Here are 3 stations (smile), and they are on Bill Sparks' site:

CHAM in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (whose URL in the Replay guide is no longer valid);
then there are 2 in Austin, Texas:
KASE and

I'm going to see if I can follow your directions to get a different URL but also appreciate anyone's input. Just can't figure out why some of these stations have made it harder to find the URL and I'm glad we have this group to figure things out.

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The .flv files are flash video files. You can use Replay AV 8
URL Finder tool to find the actual listen stream URL and then
add this URL you found with the tool to Replay AV's edit show
properties. The standard dialog you see where you add show name,
start and end times for your recordings.

Some stations do use embedded players like BBC does.

When you are at a listen link on a website or like at
www.billsparks.org, tab to the link and then do a application
key, choose t to copy the listen URL to the clipboard. Then open
up Replay AV 8, press application key, choose n, for enter new
show, the edit show properties dialog box appears which allows
you to manually add a station. Enter show name, tab to the URL
edit box and paste the copied URL with ctrl v.

Go to the schedule tab and set your recording times.

Check the newly added stream by going to your Replay AV 8
listbox by pressing application key then pressing t for tune to

Give me 3 stations call letters so I can see if I can get the
stream URLs for you. I want to see others participating here. I
will wait until Wednesday or Thursday to post my findings for

It is your mailing list.

My guess is your getting the wrong URLs on those websites.
youtube.com uses .flv streams for the videos.

List some stations. I will check the Canadian station for you.

If you have .flv files on your hard drive a user said he can
play them back with Winamp. I use Applian's FLV Player (Flash
Player). It's a free download on their site. It comes with
Replay Media Catcher.

Note: The Applian FLV player has some shortcuts like ctrl o for
open dialog to loacate your files on the hard drive, space bar
to pause and play the .flv file while in play mode.

This player has no buttons labeled though. I am trying to get
this changed for us. I use JAWS 9.

My blog has the other shortcuts for FLV player.

--- Joanne <houseofmusic3345@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't know if this is the wave of the future, but I have
been to several stations' websites and gone to the "listen
live" page, only to find out I cannot capture the URL with
Replay AV.  I am seeing more and more of this type of URL and
it's really hard to explain what happens but will do my best.
When trying to capture the URL I set up a recording and what
comes back to me are a bunch of files in recordings folder
with FLV extensions at the end.  Even stations that were in
the guide and once played beautifully in Windows Media Player,
such as CHAM in Canada which had the country countdown on it.
no longer play because this and other stations have their own
players, I think, so the Windows Media streams no longer work.
 Even some of the Bill Sparks stations ... I can't seem to get
the Windows Media versions to play and thus I can't set them
up in my Replay AV.  Some of the "alternate stream" links
given are no longer usable apparently because Windows Media
errors out and says file not found.  If too many stations go
to this other player format we're going to lose a lot of our
recording ability, unless there's a work-around.  Just wonder
if Petro or anyone may have seen what I'm talking about and if
there's even a way to play these files with the FLV extension
at the end.  Just concerns me because just today I ran across
4 stations that keep erroring or not even playing in Windows
Media anymore.  Thanks.


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