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Replay Radio 9
Podcasts tips,

The first combo box with an actual time and date is the Save From: 
It is located before hearing the mute volume checkbox.

The other combo box that is heard when passing through the mute volume checkbox 
is the Start: combo box configuration.

So, say you missed a month's worth of your podcast, in the Start From: combo 
box which is the first combo box with the date and time you would set it to
10/28/2013 and the time setting here doesn't matter really.

Press tab key and you  will hear the mute volume checkbox.
Press tab key again until you hear the Start: combo box.
It should have today's date here. Leave as is.
Set the duration to -1
-1 means unlimited or for podcast get everything from my settings.
Choose ok button.

The podcast will appear in Replay Radio's Schedule list view.

To do a manual on the fly download right now you find the podcast in the 
Schedule list view. Press your applications key and choose start recording. 

Wait a few seconds.

Your My Recordings list view will quickly fill up with mp3s of the podcast you 
are subscribe to.

You will hear downloading for each mp3 on each file that is being downloaded in 
the My Recordings list view.

If the podcast had one show each day in the example above then you will get 30 
or 31 podcasts in the My Recordings list view as we told it to start on the 
published date of 10/28/2013.

Most but not all podcasts are in Mp3 format so check.

So now you have the podcasts for the podcast you are subscribed to from October 
28 through November 27/28. 

Replay Radio will continue to run and download your podcast that you are 
subscribed to from November 28 and forever there after unless you tell it 

Replay Radio does not have to be running to start recording or to download your 
podcast. It will activate itself on its own when it has a job to do.

Your computer must be on though.

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  I would advise that anybody downloading radio 9 go through and put the
  URL's from replay 8 in a document for easy addition to replay 9.  The
  folder structure is different in that it wants to use my documents and it
  is difficult to change one of the folders.  Anyway, if you don't do this
  you will have to uninstall radio 9 and then get the links.  Also, I do
  not see a way you can tell the new program how to download a certain
  number of podcasts.  I hope this is a fact and I am not jinxing something
  but the new program seems to add podcasts with no problems.  I hope this
  will help somebody.  Kurt 
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