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Replay Radio 9
Some of the older URLs you have obtained from the older media guide via Replay 
AV 8 may not work when it comes to recording. It is a hit or miss type of 
thing. The URLs are different within the new media guide that are found in 
Replay Radio 9. Applian strongly recommends you use the new media guide / radio 
guide for the best recording experience. The old media guide is now no longer 
being updated.

To add a station, show or podcast you simply click the radio guide button on 
the main interface of Replay Radio 9.

Or, press alt+g for the guide menu and make your selection in the list with 
your enter key.

The new radio guide / media guide loads. You will be in your browser.

The Radio Guide is in focus.

You press on one of the links on the radio guide webpage. For example, stations 
link to search for a station. Shows link is for the shows search. You are 
presented with an edit box to type in the station name or show name with a find 

To add your station or show press enter on the +add link. When you press enter 
on this +add link the scheduler window setup screen will open.

You press your tab key one time. You will find the name edit box, URL address 
and more settings. The settings you are presented are the best for getting your 
recordings recorded by Replay Radio 9.

The station settings you may have to configure are the start recording time, 
date, duration, days of the week and the No Conversion Settings.

If it is a show you got from the media guide then the only thing you may want 
to change is the No Conversion Settings as the start recording time, date and 
duration fields are already preset with the correct settings.

You can manually add a station, show or podcast that is not within the media 
guide by choosing Within Replay Radio 9's main interface the Add A Show button 
as long as you have the stream URL or the RSS Feed address for your podcast.

You can obtain the hidden station stream URLs by using the URL Finder tool. The 
URL Finder tool allows you to copy or to add the URL to Replay Radio's 
scheduler settings setup window.

What do you mean by difficult to change one of the folders?

What do you mean by getting one of the links?

Please take a moment to read the user guide.

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  I would advise that anybody downloading radio 9 go through and put the
  URL's from replay 8 in a document for easy addition to replay 9.  The
  folder structure is different in that it wants to use my documents and it
  is difficult to change one of the folders.  Anyway, if you don't do this
  you will have to uninstall radio 9 and then get the links.  Also, I do
  not see a way you can tell the new program how to download a certain
  number of podcasts.  I hope this is a fact and I am not jinxing something
  but the new program seems to add podcasts with no problems.  I hope this
  will help somebody.  Kurt 
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