[blindreplay] Re: rm 6 and audio interference by Jaws

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  • Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 12:11:02 -0400

Just change the input source to audio and disregard the plugin info I 
mentioned. May cause more harm than good on what I said about the plugins. Let 
us know how it goes.

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Subject: [blindreplay] rm 6 and audio interference by Jaws

     How can I record with Jaws and RM  6  without getting JAWS along with the 
audio I'm trying to capture?
 In earlier versions of  Replay Music It didn't  matter if I moved around the 
screen.  Replay would  not  interfere. Now  Jaws is picked up with  anything I  
I'm  using JAWS  15 and RM 6.
      Isn't there a better way to get a clean recording with Replay  Music than 
 having to disable system    sounds every time I use the program?
   And why is it that it worked   so much better in older versions?  Is it 
JAWS?   Or is it Replay Music that accounts for the problem? ?

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