[blindreplay] Re: rm 6 and audio interference by Jaws

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  • Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 11:12:11 -0400

Hi Bob
 Which Windows operating system do you have?
Go to Replay Music 6 settings and change the driver to audio driver.
Its called the Input source.
JAWS does not get recorded this way.

Also if you use Windows Media Player you may have to disable to plugins via 
WMP's Tools menu with alt+t and open the plugins and press enter on two plugins 
that are chec marked,
Applian Recorder
RM Plugin
The above two may conflict when playing your files when RM 6 is open and 
running and you choose to play a file.

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Subject: [blindreplay] rm 6 and audio interference by Jaws

     How can I record with Jaws and RM  6  without getting JAWS along with the 
audio I'm trying to capture?
 In earlier versions of  Replay Music It didn't  matter if I moved around the 
screen.  Replay would  not  interfere. Now  Jaws is picked up with  anything I  
I'm  using JAWS  15 and RM 6.
      Isn't there a better way to get a clean recording with Replay  Music than 
 having to disable system    sounds every time I use the program?
   And why is it that it worked   so much better in older versions?  Is it 
JAWS?   Or is it Replay Music that accounts for the problem? ?

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