[blindreplay] Re: replay music.

  • From: "Bob Campbell" <robert-c@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 12:04:35 -0800

Hi.   Your serial number will work for older versions  of RM. 
If I recall,  version  2.51 of Replay Music used     gracenet to identify track 
 Starting with version 3.20, Applian started using a different search engine 
for finding song,  artist and album  information. 
My experience has been that since making that change, RM is not as efficient in 
labeling the recorded music. 
I would love to get my  system back to the way it worked back when I first got 
So far, even with uninstalling RM 3 and reinstalling 2.51, 
I still have less success with track labeling.  It could be that some parts of 
RM 3 are not gone and are  interfering with the track look-up function. 
Does anyone have any tips on how to fix   this problem?     
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  If  i own the most current version of replay music, and wish to try the old 
versions may I do so with the serial i have? does the serial cover old versions 
of replay music.
  from what i am hearing the old versions of replay music  grab song data 
better then the newer versions?
  thanks for your help on this matter.

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