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Thanks to Life my Way,
  The podcast feed for one of your shows is,


  Copy the above URl Address.
  If you open your browser, press alt+d with JAWS, the address bar will appear, 
use ctrl+v to paste the copied URL address into the address edit box, press 
enter keyboard key.

  You will see the podcast shows appear. Press 'h' for headings and tab key and 
you will land on 'open attachment'. These are the .mp3 files you are looking 
for. You can press open to hear the show now as on demand or save to download 
the .mp3 to your hard drive. This is the manual method. You are doing the job 
of podcatching client/program here. Replay AV has a builtin podcatcher where 
you can enter the shows's feed address into it and everytime a new show (.mp3) 
becomes available you will get it. 

  Internet Explorer 8 has its own built in podcatcher too.

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  Subject: [blindreplay] question on file naming and extensions

  Hi all, Sorry for the vague subject line. When saving music programs I 
usually convert them to .mp3 files and split shows into individual tracks 
through mp3 direct cut. However, there are two sites in which files are saved 
as .pls files rather than with the .mp3 extension. How can I best accomplish 
splitting them as I wish? I believe that in both cases the stations present 
individual shows as podcast feeds, but cannot find them in the Replay guide and 
am not sure how to add them manually. Both offer many if not all of their 
programming on demand and I have no problem with the recordings, but only in 
saving them with the .mp3 extension. The stations are www.legend-oldies.com and 
www.mushroomfm.com if that helps. Any advice much appreciated.


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