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I have a bunch of podcasts set up, including one for Main Menu.  They're using 
the defaults and all go off at 3 A.M.  For some reason, some, including Main 
Menu aren't being recorded.  Main Menu will record when I use the update 
function.  Any ideas?

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  Glad to help the best I can. I use Replay AV every day and I
  believe quite a few of you will be doing the same if not
  already. Time-shifting the recordings to a portable device like
  the Book Port for example and listening to yur recordings when
  you want whether you take a walk, riding the bus to work or late
  at night when you can't fall asleep. 

  I posted a list of keyboard shortcuts that you should find

  I am going to show you the simpliest way to do the podcasts for
  now. Practice this until you get the hang of it.

  Most podcasts are in mp3 format and pre-recorded for you. Replay
  AV is your podcatcher. It will download for you automatically or
  you can manually download the podcast.

  Open Replay AV 8.

  Tab to the list view box. I think you can use keyboard shortcut
  to jump to the listview - listbo.

  once in the listview box use arrow keys to navigate to Tech Guy
  podcast listing.

  Press your applications key. This is the key to the left of
  right control keyboard key.

  Context menu pops up.

  Press letter "S" or arrow down in the context menu list until
  you hear "Start Record/Download option and hit Enter key.

  The above will start downloadinf the last 3 shows of Leo's Tech
  Guy show.             

  You can review the download progress by reading the TechGuy
  listing line by doing a insert+up arrow. That is look at the
  listview box.   

  You will get 3 .mp3 shows in your "recordings" folder. Replay AV
  8 is set to download a maximum of 3 podcasts at a time but this
  can be changed through Properties.

  Just for you to know you can tell Replay AV to automatically
  download/catch podcasts at a specific time.

  Some podcasts are done in a video format for sighted users to
  watch them called vidcast or vcast for example.    


  --- Tom Rash <dadnthedark@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  > I am  new to scheduling pod casts.  I just scheduled the Tech
  > Guy pod casts.  How do I schedule that?  Since it is not a
  > stream, is it important to tell it what time to get them? 
  > Also, I don't necessarily want all of his pod casts.  There
  > are quite a few I would assume.  How can I tell the program to
  > start from the last couple and continuing?  Thanks for any
  > tips.
  > Petro.  Thanks for all of your advice.  I am still working on
  > your tips.  Sometimes when I get some of your suggestions to
  > my questions, I am at work and am unable to try them out or
  > respond to you.  Thanks much though.  I do appreciate your

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