[blindreplay] Re: ongoing frustration with Replay Radio

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  • Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 13:59:47 -0800

There are no known conflicts between our current software and Replay AV.  
Additionally, switching subscriptions will not affect program performance since 
the registration components are separate from the recording components (with 
the exception of demo mode limits).

It sounds like you have a problem with one of the schedules or the Windows Task 
Scheduler itself.  Replay Radio uses the Windows Task Scheduler to launch 
recordings at appropriate times.  I recommend that you open the Windows Task 
Scheduler and determine if it generates any error messages.  If not, then you 
will want to delete Replay Radio schedules.  You don’t necessarily have to 
delete them all - you can do it one-by-one and hopefully you will come upon the 
bad schedule.  Since you wrote that this only started happening recently, I 
recommend deleting recently created schedules first.

In your follow up message, you wrote that “streams simply don’t download”.  
This sounds like a system configuration problem, although it could be due to 
how the schedules are setup.  What are you trying to record?  Was it something 
from our Guide/database?

Jeffrey Wilson
Applian Technologies, Inc.

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I get the error message no matter what I do. And with the scheduler, everything 
seems to enter okay but the streams simply don’t download, and if I exit the 
program all my scheduling entries disappear. Again, just attempted an uninstall 
including library and settings but there must be something on my system 
somewhere because error keeps coming up.

The only thing I can think of is that I switched from monthly to yearly 
subscription after first 3 months and received a different key. At this point 
both seem to be active so maybe I’m still in some kind of demo mode, except 
that I can record for as long as I want to. Very strange.


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Subject: [blindreplay] Re: ongoing frustration with Replay Radio

Not sure what is wrong. Maybe Dr. Wilson has a solution. When it says '
value' it could be some parameter in one of your scheduled events is incorrect 
but you say it does not retain your scheduled entries? Tinker with the 
scheduled entries or delete them all and start over or export your scheduled 
events so you can import them back into Replay Radio 9. You can backup them. 
What if you delete all scheduled entries and exits RR9 and runs RR9 do you get 
the error message?

Merry Christmas to all!!

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From: susan<mailto:susan.wojtecki@xxxxxxxxx>
To: blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [blindreplay] ongoing frustration with Replay Radio

Hi everyone,
I have had Replay Radio for almost a year on a Windows 7 system running with 
JAWS 12. While it initially worked without problems, for the last several 
months I have seen a startup error that basically says “unexpectedc error, 
value does not fall within the expected range”, followed by ok and cancel 
buttons. Several attempts to reinstall have failed to clear this message. I am 
able to use the quick record function to save content but cannot retain 
scheduled recordings whether entered manually or through the radio guide. Is 
there some possible conflict between this program and Replay-AV? I am hesitant 
to remove Replay-AV completely since it allows me to stream capture most of the 
streams I want to schedule that Replay Radio currently does not. The only 
exception to this is www.the-phoenix.net<http://www.the-phoenix.net> where the 
URL copied directly from station announcement is
Listen.the-phoenix.net:8007. This does not work through stream capture in 
either program now although seems to have been better in the past. Any help 
with this on or off list is much appreciated.


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