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When you do a manual recording from an entry within your schedule list view you 
will get the window that saids 'Are You Sure' with the OK button. You press 
enter on OK button and Replay Radio begins recording. The recording will appear 
in the My Recordings List View.

For those who do not know how to do a manual 'on the fly' recording you would 
locate in your Schedule list view a radio station entry that you have added via 
the media guide or one you added via the add show button, then use your 
applications key or shift+F10 on the radio station, a context menu list of 
options will show up, choose start recording.

To stop the recording you will need to go to the My Recordings list view. 
Locate the station. It status will read either as downloading or recording, use 
your applications keyboard key or shift+F10, the context menu will show up, 
choose stop to stop the manual / non scheduled recording.

The station status in the My Recordings list view will read as complete.

You can read the status with JAWS by using insert+control+numbers row 3 when 
focus is on a list view entry.

One test you can do is to delete all your scheduled entries that you may have 
in your schedule list view.
Close Replay Radio 9 with alt+F4 or via the File menu bar.

Run Replay Radio 9 again.
See if your issue reappears.

Add a station from the media guide next.
Try a manual non scheduled recording. The steps are above.

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  My system has not crashed since this afternoon when I showed my grandson
  the action of running a program manually to see what it did.  Then again
  I have not told it to record anything where I had to answer the are you
  sure question.  My computer is probably six years old.  I didn't mean to
  run both programs last night, I was running replay 8 and it turned on and
  started recording from rr9.  I can't use it anymore though because one of
  the programs it used was changed to a program from a later date.  You are
  certainly right about one thing though, I wouldn't like to go back to
  replay 8.  I would be curious if anybody else has had this problem of the
  computer crashing when you start a program and it says are you sure you
  want to run this?  If I have any more information I will let you know. 
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