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Replay Radio 9
What Library folder are you referring about?

Replay Radio 9 has two tabs and they are
My Recordings

To keep things simple here you would press your right arrow key when focus is 
on the Schedule tab and you will land on the My Recordings tab. While on the My 
Recordings tab you can press your left arrow key to land on the Schedule tab.

When focus is on either the Schedule or My Recordings tabs you press your tab 
keyboard key one time to jump into it list view.

Replay AV 8 has one list view.

Replay Radio 9 has two list views. Schedule and My Recordings.

When you add a radio station, show, podcast via the radio guide it shows up in 
the Schedule list view.

When you use the add show button within Replay Radio 9 this will also show up 
in the Schedule list view. The Add Show button is used to manually add your own 
radio station, show, podcast as long as you have a URL address that you can 
paste in the URL edit field in the scheduler setup window.

You can do recordings with Replay Radio 9 at any given time. Manual / on the 
fly recordings.

Go to the Schedule list view. Locate your radio station that you've added via 
the radio guide for example. Press applications keyboard key to bring up the 
context menu list and choose start recording.

Or press alt+s for the schedule menu bar and choose start recording in the list.

Your recordings will show up in the My Recordings list view.

To stop the recording you would find the recording in the My Recordings list 
view and press your applications key and choose stop.

Replay Radio 9 is very easy to use.

We already mentioned it was subscription based.

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  For some reason I am having difficulty starting the recording on the new
  replay 9.  When I downloaded the program it didn't want to download two
  very important files.  The library folder is very hard to change. 
  However, as I said before the podcasts do download easily.  A couple new
  things though, you have to decide on the number of hours in minutes when
  you schedule the recording.  I don't know if it records differently if
  the information in the hour number of minutes doesn't match what's in the
  schedule menu.  You also have to subscribe for either the month or the
  year.  To subscribe for a year costs $9.95.  This is a different idea for
  Applian since it insures that the site will continue making money if
  people are subscribing.  Your code is based on the type of subscription
  you have picked.  Anyway, these are a couple things you will find with
  replay 9.  I think I am going to have to go back 8 for now so I can
  record what I want to for now, but I will go to 9 again when my computer
  problems have been solved.  Kurt
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