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  • Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 12:52:04 -0500

This is why I mentioned to you to use the Low quality instead of the medium / 
High quality in your settings.

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As a scientist, I would say, “anecdotes do not equal data”.  All RMC versions 
are dependent on your internet connection speed.  Replay Media Catcher cannot 
save data any faster than it arrives at your computer.  Any comparison test 
would need to make sure that the exact same video, including quality and 
format, is downloaded.  In your case, it might be that RMC6 is grabbing a 
higher quality stream than RMC5, which would obviously require more time for 
the data to be saved.

Jeffrey Wilson
Applian Technologies, Inc.

From: Life My Way
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I have noticed that the replay media catcher version 6 takes longer to
capture from different places when version 5 seems to capture things in
a faster manner, why is this and how can i get rmc 6 to capture like
version 5 does?
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