[blindreplay] Re: is anybody else having the same problems I am

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  • Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 18:10:42 -0400

Replay AV 8 still working via media guide. I run Replay AV 8, Choose tools menu 
with alt+t, choose media guide and press enter. You must use the media guide 
found within Replay AV 8. Found WSB Atlanta station. Choose the add link. If 
nothing happens for you, then do an alt+tab or a couple of times until you have 
focus the Edit Properties dialog screen. You will be in the name edit box with 
station listed in it. For this, we would hear WSB in the name edit box. I also 
see the URL for the station in the same usual edit properties dialog box. JAWS 
14. I recorded WSB and you can download it below. Its an FLV file which Winamp 


I will test next with NVDA 2013.2 screen reader.

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  I have been writing here about not being able to add podcasts and not 
  being able to add radio stations.  Is anybody else having this problem 
  or is it just me?  I need to know the answer because if this is an 
  isolated problem only with me I won't yell at replay about it.  I 
  reinstalled the program and it still does the same thing.  If everybody 
  else can add podcasts without it jumping to the add about replay and if 
  the program adds them as new shows to be edited please let me know.  
  Thanks.  Kurt
  Kurt Yount
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