[blindreplay] Re: doesn't the converter convert OGG files?

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  • Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 04:41:42 -0800 (PST)

Lets go back one step here. You can copy any data to a CD disc.
It's just data. So you can copy those .ogg files to a blank CD
disc. Your friend can do whatever with that CD. Is this what you
wanted to do there?

As you know your friend can play those .ogg files with Winamp

If you want to convert those .ogg files to .mp3 with Replay
Converter then do:

1. Run the Replay Converter program. Version is 2.80.
2. Press your Tab key until you hear Add Files button then press
your spacebar key.
3. Standard Dialog box appears. Select your files. 
4. When finished adding your files press the spacebar on the
open button.
5. Replay Converter is back in focus.
6. Presss your tab key until you hear the audio conversions
7. Choose the audio format by using your up and down arrow keys
to select it.
8. Press alt+c .  
9. The conversion job begins.
10. When the conversion job is successful you will hear a
success tone sound and a dialog box telling you it was done
successfully. Choose the OK button. 

Your converted files will end up in the same folder where your
original files were located that you were trying to convert.

The defaults are to send the converted files to the same folder.

Before you start with step 2 from above instructions press your
tab key a few times to make sure you hear the Convert Audio and
Write To Same Folder buttons on Replay Converter's interface.

If you do not hear the above 2 buttons just use your up/down
arrow keys to make the changes. 

Since I don't have a .ogg file here I converted .mp3 to .ogg and
now will see if I can convert the .ogg back to .mp3.
--- Joanne <houseofmusic3345@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I was going to make a data disc of MP3's for a friend, but the
> original material is in Ogg format and I know that doesn't
> show up on a data disc.  So I tried converting the Ogg files
> to MP3 with replay 8's converter and it just keeps saying 0
> files converted, okay button.  I convert by first going to add
> files, then to opening the files I want to convert, and then
> telling the converted which MP3 format I want and then to
> start conversion button.  Am I doing something wrong, or is
> there something about these files that they just can't be
> converted?  Not sure about some of the file formats so maybe
> it's just an Ogg file thing, but thought I'd ask to see if
> maybe I'm doing something wrong using the converter.  Thanks..

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