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Super thanks!! Greek - efkaristo!

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> Subject: [blindreplay] Re: converting videos to DVD blank disc
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> Date: Tuesday, December 23, 2008, 8:45 AM
> Hey All -
> Well we really didn't do a special for Replay AV this
> year - we slashed the price of Replay Music to $19.95 and if
> you own a copy of Replay Music you can buy up to 4 other
> copies for only $9.95 each - which makes great Holiday
> presents.  So that was our Christmas mailing.
> I did issue some coupons for you guys though - so here
> goes:
> For $15.00 off Replay AV - the coupon code is:  RAVBB
> For $10 off Replay Media Catcher - the coupon code is: 
> For $3 off Replay Music (little coupon since the price is
> already soooo low):  RMBB
> For $20 off the Replay Capture Suite the coupon code is: 
> These coupons are just for you guys.  I didn't publish
> them any where else.  And if you already own any of our
> products and want to upgrade to the suite you will need to
> let me know - since that will require a different kind of
> coupon depending on what product you already own.
> I hope that helps.  You know how to use the coupon codes
> right?
> Happy Holidays
> Leslie
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> Subject: [blindreplay] converting videos to DVD blank disc
> A post to another mailing list I posted to help another
> user and I am posting here for others to learn it is 
> possible to do it.
> I use Replay Converter 3.20 when buying Replay AV 8.52. To
> learn more go to:
> http://www.applian.com
> They usually put a special for Replay AV near Christmas
> time and if they do I will post it here.
> I know Replay Converter is accessible as I tested it for
> accessibility with JAWS. Just remember these tips:
> Use spacebar only when on main interface of Replay
> Converter to activate a button.
> Use tab key to advance to a button on main interface.
> To burn the wmv file to a DVD blank disc do:
> Purchase Replay AV 8.52 which includes Replay Converter
> 3.20 application. You will need to copy and paste the
> product key. Be patient during the install process. Install
> all parts which are Replay AV 8.52, Codecs, Replay
> Converter, WinPCat and YouSendIt Express.
> After installation reboot your computer.
> 1. Run Replay Converter program from the desktop icon.
> 2. You will get 5-6 hints/tips on how to use the
> application so read these.
> 3. Use your tab key until you hear 'add files'
> 4. Press your spacebar keyboard key and never use the enter
> key.
> 5. Locate and add your .wmv file or files and choose open.
> 6. You added your .wmv files and are back on Replay
> Converter's main program's interface.
> 7. If you keep tabbing you will hear a listview box and you
> can down arrow in this list to hear what files you have
> added.
> 8. In the listview you will hear the status for each file
> as 'pending'.
> 9. Now keep tabbing until you locate 'convert
> audio' button - then press your down arrow key until you
> hear 'burn'. Press spacebar on the burn button.
> 10. Press your tab key one time now.
> 11. Down arrow to "DVD NTSC' if this is for USA
> playback. If its for most other places to watch it then
> choose DVD PAL. So arrow to the choice and then press your
> tab key one time.
> 11. Press spacebar on 'Start conversion job' button
> 12. The CD/DVD Burn Wizard appears now.
> 13. Insert your Blank DVD disc into the drive bay.
> 14. follow the on screen dialog boxes.
> 15. You will see 7 different dialog box xcreens and most of
> these you will not need to change any settings except for
> screens looking for:
> You must select a burning speed like 2.4x or 4x. Basically
> you tab to it and arrow down to select the burn speed.
> 16. It takes quite a bit of time to convert videos. It all
> depends how long that .wmv file is so walk away from your
> computer.
> 17. You will know the burn is over when you come back as
> there will be a message box on your screen saying burn was
> successful with an OK button. Press spacebar on this OK
> button. The burned DVD will also pop out.
> If your .wmv file did not convert then you will have to use
> Replay Converter's 'troubleshoot' feature.
> To do the troubleshoot you locate the listview box on main
> interface of Replay Converter. Arrow to the file in the
> list. Use applications keyboard key. The context menu pops
> up and choose troubleshoot with your enter key.
> If you examine the list now on the file you choose
> troubleshoot you will see its status as
> 'troubleshoot' instead of 'pending'. Now tab
> to 'convert audio' button and arrow down until you
> hear 'burn' and press spacebar and then tab one time
> and choose DVD NTSC and then tab to 'start conversion
> job' button and press spacebar. You will get the CD/DVD
> Burn Wizard.
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