[blindreplay] converting videos to DVD blank disc

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  • Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 04:01:46 -0800 (PST)

A post to another mailing list I posted to help another user and I am posting 
here for others to learn it is  possible to do it.

I use Replay Converter 3.20 when buying Replay AV 8.52. To learn more go to:

They usually put a special for Replay AV near Christmas time and if they do I 
will post it here.

I know Replay Converter is accessible as I tested it for accessibility with 
JAWS. Just remember these tips:

Use spacebar only when on main interface of Replay Converter to activate a 

Use tab key to advance to a button on main interface.

To burn the wmv file to a DVD blank disc do:

Purchase Replay AV 8.52 which includes Replay Converter 3.20 application. You 
will need to copy and paste the product key. Be patient during the install 
process. Install all parts which are Replay AV 8.52, Codecs, Replay Converter, 
WinPCat and YouSendIt Express.

After installation reboot your computer.

1. Run Replay Converter program from the desktop icon.
2. You will get 5-6 hints/tips on how to use the application so read these.
3. Use your tab key until you hear 'add files'
4. Press your spacebar keyboard key and never use the enter key.
5. Locate and add your .wmv file or files and choose open.
6. You added your .wmv files and are back on Replay Converter's main program's 
7. If you keep tabbing you will hear a listview box and you can down arrow in 
this list to hear what files you have added.
8. In the listview you will hear the status for each file as 'pending'.
9. Now keep tabbing until you locate 'convert audio' button - then press your 
down arrow key until you hear 'burn'. Press spacebar on the burn button.
10. Press your tab key one time now.
11. Down arrow to "DVD NTSC' if this is for USA playback. If its for most other 
places to watch it then choose DVD PAL. So arrow to the choice and then press 
your tab key one time.
11. Press spacebar on 'Start conversion job' button
12. The CD/DVD Burn Wizard appears now.
13. Insert your Blank DVD disc into the drive bay.
14. follow the on screen dialog boxes.
15. You will see 7 different dialog box xcreens and most of these you will not 
need to change any settings except for screens looking for:
You must select a burning speed like 2.4x or 4x. Basically you tab to it and 
arrow down to select the burn speed.
16. It takes quite a bit of time to convert videos. It all depends how long 
that .wmv file is so walk away from your computer.
17. You will know the burn is over when you come back as there will be a 
message box on your screen saying burn was successful with an OK button. Press 
spacebar on this OK button. The burned DVD will also pop out.

If your .wmv file did not convert then you will have to use Replay Converter's 
'troubleshoot' feature.

To do the troubleshoot you locate the listview box on main interface of Replay 
Converter. Arrow to the file in the list. Use applications keyboard key. The 
context menu pops up and choose troubleshoot with your enter key.

If you examine the list now on the file you choose troubleshoot you will see 
its status as 'troubleshoot' instead of 'pending'. Now tab to 'convert audio' 
button and arrow down until you hear 'burn' and press spacebar and then tab one 
time and choose DVD NTSC and then tab to 'start conversion job' button and 
press spacebar. You will get the CD/DVD Burn Wizard. 

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