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Just my opinion. I do not like her show - Kim Komando show. Full
of commercials and really for the very new pc user. Pay to get
her shows. No way.

Leo Laporte does like 16 podcasts and they are free.

He's gone national and you can learn alot from him. 

When I have the time I will lsit my Tech shows that I either get
via podcast method or by recording them.

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> I am actually a little surprised that Kim's show is listed.  A
> few months
> ago local stations were requested to stop Netcasting her
> shows.  Now she
> offers a for-pay subscription service to download her show
> without
> commercials.  I did try to schedule her show with Replay to
> see what would
> happen.  Either I hit the wrong link or I ended up scheduling
> another
> computer show which I have yet to hear.  
> Pam
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> The Leo Laporte stream you do not have to record it. Use his
> podcast feed.
> Go Media Guide, choose Podcasts link in guide, in search box
> type in Leo's
> name, then press enter key.
> Add the KFI Tech Guy podcast by choosing ADD link.
> Poddcast is much better. You get no commercials. Eliminates
> having to record
> the show every Saturday and Sunday.
> On Kim Komando show try this and see if you get better
> results.
> Look for a affiliate radio station that carries her show on
> her website.
> WSB Atlanta station carries her still I believe from 9 pm to
> 12 AM Eastern
> Time Zone on Sundays.
> Go to media guide, do a station search for WSB
> Add WSB by choosing Add link.
> You will be shown the WSB Edit Properties dialog box. 
> At top of this dialog box you will see tabs like Basic,
> Recording, Schedule
> and so on.
> Go inside the Schedule tab.
> When you ear "unschedule" use your up and down arrow keys to
> change to
> Repeating option.
> Use tab keys to choose Sunday checkbox. Press space bar on
> Sunday checkbox.
> Go back to the top of Schedule tab. Tab 1 time. You will land
> in the start
> time recording area. It's in hours, minutes, seconds, AM or
> PM. Make the
> changes here to read 9:00:00 PM if youlive in Eastern time
> zone for Kim
> Komando show for WSB Atlanta. Tab 1 time and you land in
> end/Stop recording
> time enter 12:00:00 AM for stop time if you are in Eastern
> time zone.
> Shift+tab back until you hear schedule tab again and then tab
> 1
> time and you will hear the Start time you set and tab 1 more
> time and you
> will hear end time recording you set. It should read 9:00:00
> Pm - 12:00:00
> AM, Repeating, Sunday checkbox should be checked.
> make any other changes you may need with the other tab
> folders:
> Basics, Output and so on.
> Choose OK button when finished.
> All this sounds complicated but it is not so. It's easy once
> you do it a few
> times.
> Look at the List view box on main interface of RAV 8. You
> should see the
> Komando show you added there. The scheduled date and times to
> record for
> you.
> I know the KFI stream works as I used to record it.
> I will test them this week for you the URLs you sent to me.
> Just give me
> some time.
> Petro                                       
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