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I forgot to add this:

With JAWS 8 you can copy most screens with:

insert+control+W keystroke.      

You will be in a viewer - virtual viewer screen I think its

Use ctrl+A to select all text.

Do a ctrl+C to copy everything inthe viewer.

Press escape key to exit out of the viewer.

 To paste what you copied: ctrl+V into your email program or
word processor.

--- pamdrake <pamdrake@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Petro
> Well, I just tried tuning the station again.  I did as you
> suggested, but
> after pressing the applications key plus t there was
> Once again silence.  I did select windows media player for
> conversion after
> recording, but as I heard no sound I doubt there would have
> been a recording
> if I had attempted one.  
> The stream shown by the url finder is:
> http://wmc1.liquidviewer.net/KAAM.smi
> Now I just tried clicking on the link which appeared in my own
> message and
> got a message saying that Windows Internet Explorer could not
> play the file
> because it was unable to open the url.  The url could not be
> found.  
> I wish I could take a screen shot of this site when I try
> loggin in.
> Unfortunately my keyboard is non-standard and the key which I
> believe should
> be the print screen key causes my computer to shut down! 
> Wouldn't I have to
> send the screen shot to a sighted person anyway to have it
> read? 
> I hope someone here can figure out what the problem may be.  
> The actual site to which I go to play the live stream is
> www.kaamradio.com/
> Thanks again.  
> Pam
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> Pam
> My guess is you did something wrong. Try this just to be sure.
> Go to the listview where your stations are listed in RAV 8.
> Arrow down to the station and stop there. Now press your
> applications key.
> Press "T" for Tune to station. See if the stream works.
> If the stream works you will hear the audio through your
> speakers. This is a
> small test.
> You will be in a Tuner dialog box with various buttons. This
> is for WMP
> streams. Use your tab key to navigate to these buttons:
> Stop, Volume slider and so on. You use space bar to activate
> one of these
> buttons in the Tuner dialog box that pops up. I have not
> touched the mute
> button. To switch back and forth between RAV 8 and Tuner
> dialog box use your
> ALT+TAB keyboard command. To close the Tuner dialog box use
> ALT+F4 command
> and you will be back on RAV 8 program. Just letting you know
> all this.
> If you get no audio after doing applications key and "T" then
> something is
> wrong for sure. Many factors: bad URL link, check properties
> area to see if
> you have told it the right media player choice like Windows
> Media player and
> so on.
> Can you send me the actual URL address you were trying to
> record?
> Not sure if you know how so I am posting instructions here:
> Highlight station in listview box.
> Press Applications key.
> Choose "P" for Properties for Properties dialog xcreen.
> Go to Basic tab page.
> Tab a few times in the Basic page until you hear URL: edit
> box.
> Copy the URL address yu have in there.
> Press escape key to leave without affecting your settings in
> properties
> screen. 
> Post this URL to this list for me and others to test.
> I tested WMKV today and it is working as you say. No issues.
> You are correct
> with yur analysis.
> I hope I didn't forget anything.
> Petro                          
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