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  • Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 12:40:23 -0800 (PST)

Follow my directions.

Did you not hear the 45 or so http: URLs I posted in the email?

You use your tab keyboard key to jump and to land on each
http:// URL you hear and then you press your enter keyboard key
to begin the playback of the audio for that MP3. The http://
URLs you hear are links like you see on a webpage.

Use whatever method you know but I use the tab key for the

To download each http:// link you see you first land on the
http:// of your choice and then press your applications key. Do
you know what the applications key is? It is usually to the left
of your right control key on your keyboard. So press your
applications key after you have landed on a http:// link and the
context menu appears. Arrow down to Save Target As and hit your
enter key. The Save As dialog box appears. What are we doing
here? You are downloading an individual mp3 file to your hard
drive so you can listen to it at your convenience or transfer
the mp3 file to say your Book Port or mp3 player.

I checked some of the http:// links and they work.

Replay AV does not interfere with your sound card. Since you say
you use "what you hear" this tells me you are using some type of
Creative sound card there. I have a Creative sound card here too
and Replay AV doesn't hurt anything.

Go to applian.com and download the Replay AV 8.41 .exe file to
your hard drive first.

Then run this setup file wherever you saved it on your hard

When you are doing the installation steps let JAWS finish
speaking completely and wait another 10 seconds just to be sure
you are ready for the next step of the install.

Use insert+b to review each dialog box during the install.

During the install the first instance of WinPCat you hear do
nothing - just ignore it. 

You will hear the WinPCat step as your last step during the

What version of JAWS are you using. Many blind PC users are
using Replay AV successfully. 

--- john snowling <johnsnowling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all.
> I've uninstalled replay av as it was changing some settings on
> my sounde
> card.  I really want to use this program as I think it's
> brilliant.
> I tried downloading petro gias podcasts but had no luck there.
>  If someone
> could give me a direct podcast link so I can try with juice I
> would be
> greatful.
> Also could anyone suggest what options to change.
> I only have one sound card my onboard.  I also have to use
> what you hear.
> Thanks from john snowling.
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