[blindreplay] Re: Your comments needed on Replay AV 8

  • From: "rs_denis" <rs_denis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 18:17:57 -0500

Replay 8 is quite accessible and works well with window eyes and Jaws. Because the Jaws users are more active in there comments to the company, it works somewhat better with Jaws, but it works perfectly well with Window Eyes. I am sure of this as it is my screen reader. The complainant is correct in pointing out that some windows conventions are not followed to the letter, but this does not limit the usefulness or usability of the program. The scheduling, use as a tuner when one wants to hear but not record a program, URL locator, strong support, and breadth of additional tasks available appears to give it a real advantage over total recorder. As I have not actually tried the total recorder program, I really can't say that it does not measure up to replay. I can only say that replay has worked well enough for me to eliminate my need to look further and my level of satisfaction has precluded my desiring to do so. I don't find the replay player very satisfying nor have I been satisfied with MP3 magic, but these were extras and in no way detract from my satisfaction with the replay program. I do use replay radio 7 for some tasks because it is a bit easier to press enter on the program and go right to the properties page for scheduling adjustments. In general, though, I rely on rav8.21 and have no significant complaints. I have not upgraded to later versions of RAV because the later versions have improvements mainly of value for people who use subscription services. I am not currently an XM, I-tune or Sirius subscriber so have not felt the need for the last couple of updates. In short, is RAV8.xx perfect? Certainly not. Is it accessible and a great program? Without doubt. Ron Denis

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