[blindreplay] Re: Your comments needed on Replay AV 8

  • From: Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 06:45:06 -0500 (EST)

Pam and all

There is something else here at play also.  While the point about the 
Braille displays and how various countries view the issue of adaptive 
equipment is very much on target, different users have widely differing 
It seems to me, in reading his msgs, that his performance expectations 
perhaps far exceed those of many of us which will lead to how one will 
view what's in the marketplace.
We see this kind of thing over and over as we read various email lists.
Some users live and accept the natural shortcomings of software, adaptive 
equipment, screen readers, and all the rest.
Others insist that everything be perfect, never fail, require absolute 
perfect accessability (whatever that means), and the like.
Most of us fall somewhere in the middle realizing the limitations at play 
and that both software and hardware will not always work satisfactorily 
100% of the time due to circumstances beyond anyone's control and the 
myriad of factors at play.
As a 
RAV example, if a stream has a problem, there is no way RAV can record it 
If my internet connection fails for whatever reason, RAV will fail in 
recording a show in the way I want it.
Same goes for the inherent peculiarities of Windows (sometimes the pc just 
won't wake up at the appropriate time), I loose electrical power, the ISP 
is doing maintenance at 4 AM in the morning believing that this is the 
time fewest folks will be inconvenienced, etc.
Yet, while these problems are momentarily annoying, I don't blame Applian, 
GW Micro, HP, Access Solutions, Comcast, MSFT, and the myriad of players 
that give me what I want from my pc experience the vast majority of the 
Hickups can and will occur; and part of becoming an advanced pc user is 
recognizing these things and working around them.
As an example, for some nationally or internationally distributed shows, I 
will schedule a 2nd or perhaps a 3rd recording with RAV in the event the 
primary recording fails partly or totally.
Some might argue that this ought not to be necessary, and perhaps it ought 
not, but the prudent approach is to learn to live with what is rather than 
dreaming what isn't and not accepting the reality of things.
We can aim for better, but we must also accept the what is.
As I grow older, I more and more am seeing this as a necessity where, by 
contrast, 3 decades ago I would lash out for perfection without, at least 
for the moment, accepting what happens to be.


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