[blindreplay] Re: Your comments needed on Replay AV 8

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I did explain that to him.  In his country they are provided by the 
government and cost or gainful employment are not factors.  A different 
philosophy toward the needs of the disabled.  He was totally unaware of our 

I also told him that he should feel free to contact the developer and 
discuss his issues with them, as it is my belief that due to the cost here 
no one has really discussed the matter of Braille displays.  I do wonder if 
he has seen the message from the person who says he is using one well.  I 
don't recall who sent that message, but perhaps I should ask Petro to 
refresh my memory privately and with permission I can get those two in 
touch.  Or didn't you already mention that, Petro?  Probably getting close 
to bedtime.  <smile>


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you might explain to the guy that more people would use Braille displays if 
did not cost roughly five thousand dollars too.

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> To All Interested:
> I wrote a private message to the original poster on the other list
> explaining that Braille isn't as readily available here is it is in the
> Netherlands where, as in many European countries, those who prefer Braille
> access receive it, no questions asked.  I told him that when I wrote my
> comments I never dreamed anyone would be using a Braille display.  I felt
> that in view of that supposition my own comments were rather 
> short-sighted.
> Obviously he made the assumption that at least some people would be using
> Braille, just as most of us made the assumption that he would be using
> speech.
> I hope this helps clarify the issue somewhat.
> Pam

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