[blindreplay] Re: Your comments needed on Replay AV 8

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To All Interested:

I wrote a private message to the original poster on the other list 
explaining that Braille isn't as readily available here is it is in the 
Netherlands where, as in many European countries, those who prefer Braille 
access receive it, no questions asked.  I told him that when I wrote my 
comments I never dreamed anyone would be using a Braille display.  I felt 
that in view of that supposition my own comments were rather short-sighted. 
Obviously he made the assumption that at least some people would be using 
Braille, just as most of us made the assumption that he would be using 

I hope this helps clarify the issue somewhat.


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Subject: [blindreplay] Re: Your comments needed on Replay AV 8

To All Interested:

I have only just now seen this thread; but whoever said that Replay/AV
cannot be used with screen readers is greatly mistaken.  It is true that at
least with earlier versions of the program it is necessary to use
screen-reader specific keys (mouse simulation keys) to perform some
functions, but this is no different than with many off-the-shelf software
applications.  It's the on-going issue of familiarity with one's screen
reader in addition to basic program accessibility.

It has been my experience that Applian Technologies has been most responsive
in addressing possible problems and conflicts between application and screen
readers.  I say this as someone who has not even upgraded in quite a while
because I have found that so far the version I have meets my needs
completely.  I'm sure I'll upgrade someday; and when I do my bet is I'll
find access is even better than what I have with my current version.

Hope this helps clear up any confusion about the program's accessibility.


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Subject: [blindreplay] Your comments needed on Replay AV 8

Please send in your comments on Replay AV 8 to this list.

On this other list a person claims Replay AV 8 basically can't
be used with a screen reader. This is the way I interpreted the
email message.

Opinions please.

Sharpen your pencils and write the pros and cons on Replay AV 8.

Thank you for your time in this.

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