[blindreplay] Re: Your comments needed on Replay AV 8

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I will add my voice to those asking for less refreshing from the url finder. 
Constant unwanted screen refreshes can be a real frustration, and I'd bet 
the third party developers probably have no concept of what a screen reader 
is or does and how annoying the refreshing can be.

Thanks for all the work you do on our behalf.


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Your comments and from others are welcomed. Both the positive
and negative points. You sound like a pro already there.

You have a valid point with the URL Finder where the listbox
refreshes on you. This is made by a 3rd party developer/company
and not by Applian. Do you all want me to try to see if this can
be improved? I do not know that company though. I think Mike P.
asked for this to be improved earlier this year. If I get 10 of
you to say yes then I will try.

Just to be sure. When something starts to capture and you didn't
want it to - just select that show/station in the listbox, press
application key, press "s" to stop recording.

Keep up the good work.


--- Gary G Schindler <garys5462@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Replay Av couldn't be any more accessible with a screen
> reader. I  find that a few
> people are not familiar enough with there screen reader's
> commands to determine if
> a program is accessible or not. I have probably open a new can
> of worms by saying
> that, and I don't claim to be an expert by any means.
>  the only thing that is sometimes hard to deal with is the URL
> finder. if it could
> be adjusted not to refresh to fast, it would be easier to
> check out each url. I
> get around this by Alt tabbing to the webbpage that may come
> up when playing the
> audio I want to capture, using jaws, go to the address bar
> with the AltD keys. I
> copy the address to the clipboard, paste the URL into the
> basic field properties
> in the new show I have added. then I try tuning to it to see
> if it works!
> the only other complaint I have is that when adding a stream
> such as from the
> lifestyle network to the shows list from URL'S that the folks
> have created from
> replay themselves, such as Bruce Williams, it begins to
> capture the stream when I
> first tune to it. I have to stop the capture. this only
> happens at first when I
> add a URL from replay.
> the program is well worth the money.

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