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Hi Guys -
Yes we are going to be launching a new version of Replay Media Catcher.
And of Replay Radio.
I just got some new links to test the programs.
I will check to see when they are ready for release.  It may be a few weeks yet.


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Thanks a bunch, Rob! I'll keep your notes and give it a  try. Are the Apprian 
folks planning to launch a new version or the old or new version of the new?
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If the YouTube files are still on the YouTube web site, use Replay Media 

Launch Replay Media Catcher.  Unless you have changed the settings, it will ask 
if you want tostart recording (after you close the tip of the day window).  
Press spacebar on "yes".

Press the alt key to go to the menus.  Use the right arrow key to navigate to 
the Record menu.

Press the down arrow until you reach Launch the default browser.  Press enter.

Now locate the YouTube files and play each one.  Replay Media Catcher will 
record them.  You will probably hear some tones indicating that the recording 
process is finished before each file finishes playing.

When you finish recording the files, go into Replay Media Catcher and use the 
Record menu to stop recording.  Then exit Replay Media Catcher.

If I remember correctly, the recordings will be in My Documents and in a 
subfolder called My recordings.

Hope this helps.


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I have a handful of YouTube files I'd like to record as MP3's  but don't know 
how. Yes, I do have the Replay suite.

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