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Got this tip from a mailing list I am subscribed and thought
some of you might like this too.

I should be able to use Applian's Media Catcher to capture all
the videos much more quickly via youtube.com playlist feature.

YouTube QuickLists

If you've ever used the video Web site of YouTube, you know it
has millions of videos for you to see! YouTube does a great job
of making these videos visible
to you. For example, if you go to view a video about the new
Apple iPhone, to the right of the video, you will see other
videos uploaded by that user,
along with more videos related to the iPhone. 

<http://imgsrv. worldstart. com/ct-images/ listquick1. jpg> 

For certain videos, you may find several others you're
interested in and you may want to watch them. In that case,
you'll want to create a quick playlist
of those videos so that you don't lose them. Well, YouTube
includes a feature that allows you to do just that. It's called
QuickLists and let me tell you,
it's awesome! QuickLists has been around for quite awhile, but
it's possible that you haven't noticed it yet. After today, you
will know exactly what to
look for. I'm going to show you how to work with it and use it
to your advantage. Let's get started! 

1.) Go ahead and surf to YouTube (youtube.com
 <http://youtube. com/> ). 

2.) Once you're there, search for a favorite video or just click
on any video on the homepage.

3.) You will see the Related Videos and More From: sections (for
a certain user) that we discussed earlier. If you look closely,
you will see a little plus
sign ( <
http://imgsrv. worldstart. com/ct-images/ listquick2. jpg
> ) in the bottom right corner of each video thumbnail. 

<http://imgsrv. worldstart. com/ct-images/ listquick3. jpg> 

4.) Clicking on that will automatically add it to a QuickList
for you. Go ahead and try adding a couple videos to a QuickList.
They will appear right above
the Related Videos section. You will see the QuickList icon in
your search results as well. 

5.) Next, click the Play All link to have the videos
automatically play in order. 

<http://imgsrv. worldstart. com/ct-images/ listquick4. jpg> 

After you've watched all of your QuickList videos, you can then
clear them away by clicking on the Clear link. Or, if you have a
YouTube account, you can
save them into a permanent playlist by clicking the Save link. 

QuickLists are an easy way to make your YouTube experience a
whole lot more fun. Enjoy! 

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