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  • Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 15:19:38 -0500

This is a response to your inquiry concerning Sirius XM with Replay AV. Actually, there is nothing the blind can do to remedy this problem at this time. However, here is what the company which produces Replay AV suggest.

You can use a nifty program called XM Tuner to create URL's to use for scheduling Sirius and XM Online radio recordings. Here's how to do it:

       1.. Install XM Tuner, then configure it.

       2.. Click Start in XM Tuner.
       3.. Choose a channel, then make a URL in the URL builder.
       4.. Click Copy to place this URL on the clipboard.
5.. Open Replay AV, then click Shows, Add Show Manually from the top menu.
       6.. Paste the URL into the URL field.
       7.. Name the show, and set up the recording schedule.

IMPORTANT: As long as the XM Tuner server is running, the URL's you've created with XM Tuner will record beautifully.

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Since Sirius/XM changed its website, I can't record from the online
channels on Replay AV.

Anyone else having this problem?

Is there a fix?

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