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  • From: Robin Plitt <plittr@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 21:14:06 -0500

Hi Gang,

Thanks Muhamad. After I followed the thread, I realized your intent.
And Appreciate it.

I am legally blind, have some vision, so I can see the screen on my computer.

I have downloaded the XM Tuner and installed it, and successfully set
up recordings. You need to set up the program, which is very simple,
you basically put in your login and password and choose which service
you subscribe to XM or Sirius.
The program interface is a list box with buttons on the top for Log,
Channels,History and about. The log provides a current status as you
log into the software and it loads linups. Channels is a list of the
XM or sirius Channels in your package, History tels you which channel
you have listenned to in that session. You can use the arrow keys to
scroll through the channels and then enter to select. This loads a
seperate player . This program in itself does not record.

Uner the Channels box is the URL Builder. there are drop down boxes to
set up how you want this to display, Channel or feed,Http or other
protocol and bandwidth, these are dropdown options. Next to that is
the box where the url loads when you select a channel and next to that
is a copy button to save that URL.

You need to leave this program running whenever you want to record
with one of the URLAS. I believe each URL is unique per channel but it
also contains an IP address particular to the computer you are running
the software on. I tried saving a URL on one computer and using the
same url to record with
rav andit didn't work.

After copying a URL, I set up a RAV recording and it has worked twice.
You set RAV to record a basic Stream Capture, NOT an XM recording.
This is because the server,ie XM Tuner, is where you are logged into
the service and the URLS are created.

I tried t use ALT, CTRL and even WIN  keys to guess at shortcuts but
couldn't get anything to happen. I will try other things and am open
to suggestions.

Having said all that, I sent a message via the Sourceforge.org page
where this free software was created to ask for help from the project

The texxt follows.

Hope this helps,


I just downloaded XM Tuner and configured it to run with Replay AV to
record my XM channels. I have set up three recordings,two of which
have worked as advertised. The third, is not scheduled to air untill
later, so I think it will work fine.

I am a member of a blind Replay user list and members on this list
want to use XM Tuner to do similar recording/playback as I have done.

In my limitted experience with the product, I have not discovered how
to use the program without a mouse. Are there keyboard shortcuts which
one could use to navigate the program? If not, could you please
consider this addition, so the totally blind among us could benefit
from what seems to be a fine software product.

Mr. Robin Plitt
Jacksonville, FL,US
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