[blindreplay] Re: Window Eyes and Replay AV 8.3

  • From: Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 07:57:19 -0400 (EDT)

Hi there, Life!

First of all, could you *please* indicate some sort of name in your msgs 
so I have an idea of whom we are exchanging thoughts with and perhaps 
where you happen to be from (somehow I doubt that your name is Life 

But to your question:

solving this one may be akin to asking how the Arizona Diamondbacks were 
world beaters against the Cubs in the first round of the NL playoffs and 
then stunk up the place against the Rockies.
It could have been that they were playing the Cubs (I am a former 
Chicagoan incidentally), it could have been the Rockies (what an 
unbelievable end of season streak akin to the run the White Sox made at 
the end of 2005), or it could be truly serendipity.

Among possibilities here are the amount of ram you have on your pc, the 
synthesizer you are using (and if it is a software synthesizer, even the 
speech engine employed), something unique to your pc, or maybe even Replay 
I run WE 6.1  with a Triple Talk internal but haven't upgraded from 8.21 
to 8.30 -- and right now, I see no reason to do so.
You may want to try switching some of the above mentioned parameters and 
see if this changes things.
You may also wish to make certain that fewer applications are continually 
running; I have a utility called End-it-all on my system which I employ 
for this purpose which is linked in numerous places including the programs 
page at


You may also wish to use a memory cleaner which releases memory that is no 
longer needed but not released.
I use the memory cleaner which is included in a free utility called 
Advanced Windows Care 
for this purpose.
Do a Google search to find a link for the program.

The most practical solution, however, is returning to 8.21 unless 8.30 has 
something specific that you require or desire.  And that's why, I maintain 
older versions of a program for a time just in case.

I realize that this is sort of a non-answer but I doubt that, even on the 
GW Micro Support list, this can be addressed unless someone can actually 
dupplicate the problem.

I am guessing that the reason you wish to shut down WE is so that it is 
silenced when listening to a stream as you are likely using software 
A work around, that just dawned on me, is using 
the Toggle All Voices hotkey which is undefined in WE's default settings.
To reach the place where you can define this:

alt-f when in WE to reach the file menu
Then "o" for the hotkeys menu

then "i" for the miscellaneous hotkeys

then hit "t" several times untill you hear

toggle all voices.

Then define the key as you would any hotkey.
Personally, I use "alt+e" for this key.

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