[blindreplay] What is Freecorder Toolbar 3 is explained here

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Thank you to Leslie B. for this one.

A user explains the FCT3 Sound Recorder below.


Review: Freecorder records any audio played on your PC for free

by JoelGeek posted on August 21, 2007 7:06 am

Applian Technologies just announced 
, a free audio capture program for Windows Vista and XP. The
program installs as a tool bar and lets you press the record
button at any time you want to
start recording. In addition, you can stream live Internet audio
stations and record those, too.

In my tests I installed Freecorder, restarted Firefox?it works
in IE, too?and then was greeted with the new tool bar. I clicked
the play button next to
the drop down and was listening to music instantly. I then
clicked the record button and an MP3 recording of what I was
listening to was created on the
fly. It really is that easy! I then went to 
, allowed Pandora.com to create a channel for me, and then as
soon as it started streaming, I pressed the record button again.
Instantly, I had a recording
of my favorite artist in crisp MP3. If MP3 isn?t your thing,
then you can select WAV as the output, and if you want to record
audio from other sources,
then you can do that, too (see the Settings picture below).


According to Applian, before Vista you could install custom 
sound card
 drivers that would allow you to capture audio on your 
. However, with Vista it?s either difficult or impossible to
capture the audio, so the company came up with this new tool
bar. Speaking of the tool bar,
it was created in partnership with Conduit, so it has a bunch of
sharing / social networking-type functions built-in.

Here?s a picture of it recording in real-time

I can?t say enough good things about this program. First, it?s
free. Second, it?s insanely easy to use. I was literally
recording seconds after restarting
my browser. The only drawback I found is it does make your
browser a little more busy, since it?s a whole new tool bar.
However, there are a bunch of features
in this new tool bar, so you may find yourself enjoying the free
enhancements to your browsing experience.

Here?s a clip of the tool bar?I grabbed the half with the
recording pieces
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