[blindreplay] What Happened To Accessibility of Newest Replay A/V?

  • From: Kane Brolin <kbrolin65@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 16:39:08 -0400

Hello.  I'm conveying this message first and foremost to the
Blindreplay Mailing list.  But since this list seems just marginally
active at this point, Allison and Dean, I'm copying you both
personally so that someone in the know gets this message.   I've
communicated with each of you briefly in the past.

While I've been a frequent user of Replay A/V 5.5 on older computers,
I was disappointed when I purchased and installed Version 8.3 after
purchasing a new PC and loading the Windows 7 operating system.  In
fact, I even purchased the whole of the Applian Capture Suite,
thinking I might as well benefit from everything relevant that Applian
has to offer now that I was using an up-to-date OS.

My disappointment stems from the fact that much of Replay A/V now
appears to be inaccessible.  The only way I've found to use this
program at all is through using the JAWS (mouse) Cursor; but even with
this method I can't effectively search for a radio or TV station, nor
can I set the start and stop time for an intended recording.  I've
seen a few indirect references on the JAWS Mailing List to scripts,
but haven't seen anything about where Replay scripts may be downloaded
in my brief search of the Blindreplay archive.  I'm using JFW 11 with
the Windows 7 operating system that still uses Internet Explorer 8 at
this point.

Where might I find scripts that allow me to set all recording and
scheduling parameters on programs that I want to record through Replay
A/V?  Will these scripts work with the latest version of the Media
Guide?  Or do I need to go back to Ver. 5.5 or some other earlier

Thanks for any support you can provide.

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