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  • Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2010 17:42:55 +0100

Hi Kim.
I don't think any of Replay's products will let him "set up" a radio station, but it could certainly record what's being streamed at the current moment. He would need a third party program to set up and actually stream the station. I've heard of Station Playlist Studio or Shoutcast plug-in for Winamp.
Sorry I can't offer anything more than this. Good luck.
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On 01/09/2010 17:00, Kim Kelly wrote:
Hi All, I want to sign up someone to the list and forgot how.
I also want to direct him to the titorials section as well.
I Think he would vbinifit from this.
Rich wants to try to set up his own Internet Radio station and was
wondering if he could use Replay AVE. for this purpose?
Thanks in advance.
Kim Kelly
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