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I was indeed talking about sending files from one computer to another at
home, but I could just as easily use the yousendit capability to remotely
retrieve files while on vacation with the laptop, though I hadn't thought of
it at the time.  

I have always kept any kind of sharing parameters closed, but I guess
there's no reason for this when at home.  Thanks for the thought.  

There might be interest for a discussion of this and I would listen to a
podcast, but I'm only one person.  I'm sure others will let you know if they
are interested.  


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Hi Pam
Thank you. When you say you want to send a file to the other computer are
you saying this example when you are not home and have the laptop on
vacation? Or are you wanting to do all this within your home the sending of
files from 1 computer to the other?

If you want to do this within your home there's a much easier way. You can
"share" the "recordings" folder across your network. You can then use My
Network Places with Windows XP Home.

The other thing you can do is burn the folder to a CD and take
the CD to the other machine.    

I can try to do a podcast on this but I am not sure if there's any interest
in this.

You all let me know.

--- Pam Drake <pamdrake@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Petro, Leslie,         and All,
> I just saw this thread; and would like to say I would definitely like 
> to see Yousendit accessible within the  Replay application.  .
> I have a desktop and laptop computer; and it would be nice to be able 
> to simply send myself a file recorded on one machine and download it 
> to the other.  I'm sure I'm not the only person in this situation.
> Yousendit
> access would make Replay AV even better.  
> Thanks again for all your work on such a fine application.  
> Pam

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