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Petro, Leslie,   and All,

I just saw this thread; and would like to say I would definitely like to see
Yousendit accessible within the  Replay application.  .  

I have a desktop and laptop computer; and it would be nice to be able to
simply send myself a file recorded on one machine and download it to the
other.  I'm sure I'm not the only person in this situation.  Yousendit
access would make Replay AV even better.  

Thanks again for all your work on such a fine application.  


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Yes, of course I would want this plugin to be made accessible.  I can't
imagine a blind user that would say otherwise.  Again, I stress the point
that this accessibility issue could have been caught a lot earlier if there
were some blind users participating in the beta cycle.  I know Aplien
monitors this list and they have been great so far, but excluding even you
Petro from any beta test cycle just doesn't make any sense.  The whole idea
is to catch these things before the product is released to the public.  I'm
glad to hear that Bill is making You Send It aware of the situation.

--Warmest regards,
--Rick Alfaro

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If you want to see the You Send It plugin accessible for everyone then
please post to this list and say I want this YSI plugin accessible. If we
show no interests in this why should YSI make it accessible for us.

Applian is reading these messages.

Thank you for your time.

Have a nice weekend.


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