[blindreplay] Upgrading The Converter: Just Putting In My Two Cents

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        I think most of us here who are asking this question have been
longtime users of Replay A/V, so we'll have to pay for the converter if
we wish.  My question would be whether choosing not to upgrade the
converter, however that is done as I haven't tried this yet, will allow
the installation of the main application to proceed, leaving the old
converter intact.  I'll be interested in Leslie's follow up, and whether
the company will have to make the reason for the fee clearer in a notice
on the installation screen.  

I myself am not surprised there might be an occasional price hike; but
many people, and perhaps companies as well, believe in the beginning of
a new venture there will never be a need for an extra charge, so expect
this will always be the case.  Then when time, programming resources,
and good, old-fashioned labor make a charge necessary we're surprised.
This is not a criticism, just an observation after years of using
adaptive and non-adaptive software.  
Just my thoughts.  

By the way, I haven't upgraded since Version 14, but am thinking I may
do so in order to       have the advantages of the sending option and
improvements in the converter, for which I will pay.  


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Hi -

I wrote "Life My Way" directly - I need to look up their order history
to understand whether or not they are entitled to a free upgrade or not.
I also need to look at the terms for the upgrade with Replay AV - I
believe if you purchased Replay AV after July 1 2008 you are entitled to
a free upgrade to the latest version of Replay Converter...if you
purchased before you would need to pay $9.95 -  but it is an optional
upgrade.  (The reason for the charge is that Replay Converter 3.0+ is a
MAJOR rewrite from the earlier version and cost us a lot of time and
money to develop-so we are trying to share that cost with our customers
by charging a small fee - BUT again it is an optional upgrade so you
don't have to do that if you don't want.)

Let me see what I can find out and I will get back to you soon.
Stay tuned.


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