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  • Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 17:24:07 -0500

I emailed Applian to fix this checkbox issue within Telecorder.

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  For unknown reasons, JAWS did not show me a check box in Telecorder that will 
automatically have Telecorder record when Skype calls are launched or received. 
I had to have my sighted wife check it for me. Funny that when she moved the 
mouse to that checkbox, JAWS actually read it! Go figure. Oh, and Tom informed 
me that WJJGam1530 is in the Media Guide; next time I'll look before I start 
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    From: Petro T. Giannakopoulos 
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    What did you do there to fix your issue with Telecorder? Please contact tom 

    Give him the station call letters and your listen link. Tell him you need a 
stream capture link for Replay AV 8.

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      Now that I finally have my Replay Telecorder working with Skype, I'm 
dealing with another issue in Replay AV. As background I replaced my hard drive 
and had a fresh set of windows XP installed on it. I couldn't get Replay AV to 
recognize the events in my schedule8.bat file I had saved elsewhere. So I've 
been manually entering my shows from my previous Replay AV install. One of them 
is a local Chicago suburban station called WJJG. the. To capture the listen 
URL, I turned on 'url finder'; did a Google search for wjjgam1530.com, from 
which I have recorded a Sunday show for months; punch up the 'listen' link and 
let it play for the recommended 10/15 seconds for URL Finder to grab the listen 
URL. Having done so, I immediately set up the show in the customary sequence of 
basic, schedule, etc. But when I go to 'tune station' to verify the link is 
working, I get an error message that said link is no longer available on that 
server. So what gives here?

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