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Actually, WMKV seems to have dropout problems once in a while in normal
listening mode so perhaps I'll try recording the stream again.  Everybody's
Planning Hour isn't podcast but it is repeated so maybe I can record it at
2:00 AM Pacific on Mondays.  I haven't tried since the other day, and it may
just be a basic stream buffer issue; nothing to do with Replay.  It does
give me more motivation to hurry up and replace the laptop that was stolen
in a break-in last September.  <smile>  

Thanks again.  


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Yes to the first question you asked. What I do here is on 1 PC I let it
record all my stream capture type recordings and my other PC to do my audio
output style recordings. I hope you understand.

If you get alot of dropped connections then YES to the buffer settings. But
if it only happens to you with WMKV then NO is my answer.

--- pamdrake <pamdrake@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Petro,
> Ok, if I use the audio  output method does this mean I won't be able 
> to use my sound card for anything else during the time the stream is 
> being recorded?  That would seem to be the case but I just want to 
> make sure.
> Are you suggesting I should increase the buffer time on Windows Media 
> Player?

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