[blindreplay] The new Replay Converter 3.0 beta how to use

  • From: "Petro T. Giannakopoulos" <petrakigianos-giasou@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 09:15:18 -0700 (PDT)

This is beta software. Not the final version.

Please read these notes at least 3 times.

Make sure no Applian products are running. Check taskbar and system trays.  

Close all other applications. I left my antivirus program running here.

If you have Replay AV 8 software then you have Replay Converter 2.80. Comes 
with Replay AV 8. DO NOT UNINSTALL replay Converter 2.80. Leave it alone.

Download Replay Converter 3 beta to your hard drive.

Run the .exe file. 

On the last setup screen choose EXIT button. Do not choose "Launch Now". 

The installation is finished.

Please do not run Replay Converter. 

You must reboot your computer now by going to start menu, turn off, restart 

Your computer starts up. You are on the desktop.

Run the Replay Converter desktop icon.

You may get a message saying another version of Replay Converter was detected. 
Press enter key on ok.

Go back to desktop and run Replay Converter desktop icon again.

Replay Converter 3 beta is running now.

Improvements are:
faster conversions, progress bar percentages are heard like 2%, 4%, 8%, The 
main interface listbox now reads much better as you can hear file status like 
pending and done.

Burning video files to a DVD blank dis is accessible. The developer and Applian 
Technologies have gone out of there way to make this possible for you and me. I 
know because I see the improved results in accessibility.

I burned a video .asf file to DVD blank disc to the DVD NTSC format. You can 
burn to the PAL format (overseas format).

I converted .asf, .mp3 to other formats. No errors. Keep in mind its beta 

You can use RC to burn to CDs but haven't tested this here. Did work for me 
when I beta tested the other RC 3 beta releases.

If you need assistance on using Replay Converter 3 beta post to this list. The 
developer has been working on this for almost a year if my memory is correct.

Replay Converter 3 beta is a stand alone program. 

Replay AV 8 will continue to use your existing Replay Converter 2.++ version.

You cannot run both Replay Converter 2.++ and the new Replay Converter 3 beta  
software at the same time. Only 1 can be running.

In Control Panel you will see in your add or remove:
Replay Converter 2.80 folder
Replay Converter folder listed. The Replay Converter folder in add or remove is 
the Replay Converter 3 beta software.

To those who do not have Replay AV 7 or 8. That is you only have Replay 
Converter software on your computer.

You must uninstall Replay Converter first. Reboot your computer.

Install Replay Converter 3 beta. Last screen during setup choose Exit button. 
Do not choose Launch Now button.

Installation is finished.

Reboot your PC.   

The Windows Desktop appears.

Run the Replay Converter desktop icon. 
Hope this helps everyone. Show your support.     

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> Are the instructions similar for the new converter and what
> is the
> address to get it?  Thanks.  Kurt 
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