[blindreplay] Testers needed with Applian Paypal Order form

  • From: <petrakigianos-giasou@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 06:52:07 -0800 (PST)

Situation is I cannot find this "continue.gif" button on the
Replay Music order form in order to use the Paypal payment
option in order to pay using Paypal funds.

Ordering with a credit card is no issue. I did a podcast on
this. This issue with the continue.gif button is probably on
every Applian order form.

So can you order with Paypal there? I use JAWS 9. I did check
and change my insert v settings to see if I could find this
"continue.gif" button to be taken to the Paypal log in screen
but I cannot locate this continue button.

Response from Applian. They definitely trying to fix this.

Finding the continue.gif in order to...

The image
 is named "continue.gif". Click that button and you are given
the PayPal option
 on the next page. It will take you to a page on the PayPal
server that
 includes a PayPal order form and a PayPal login if you already
have an account. I've
 tested the buttons and they do work normally. Please let me
know if you are
 still having trouble. 


The order form page to test is:



If one looks at the source code of the page you will see:

" src="images-new/buttons/continue.gif" alt="Buy Now" /></td> 

Is this not the "Buy Now" button the "continue.gif" image?

I press my ENTER keyboard key on this "Buy Now" button. I then
am taken to a new page at:


Now I see on this new page a "Buy With Paypal" button.

Pressed my ENTER key on this "Buy With Paypal" button and it
thinks I want to use a credit card. Pop up message appears with
an OK button.
The source code here on this page for the "Buy With Paypal"
button is:

                <input name="Is_Paypal" type="image"
id="Is_Paypal" src="images2/PaypalExpress.gif" alt="Buy with
PayPal" align="middle" width="145" height="42"  


If I am in error please tell me so. I hope I am. Tell me and
others your experience in this.

Thank you.


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