[blindreplay] Testers needed for Replay Media Catcher 6

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  • Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 04:57:33 -0400

Let's help out each othre.

Read this entire message fully and slow down your computer's speech.
English only speakers.
Experienced Window Eyes 9.1 users needed to test Replay Media Catcher 6 with
Windows 7 or higher for accessibility and usage. Requirements are: Skype
communications. This software has no spyware / adware. The installation
process is accessible with JAWS and NVDA but read carefully below for more
info. The RMC6 interface has changed. When you install this program double
check its type of install is set to the Recommended type of install. Should
see it say Recommended which is the default. During the install you should
get the UAC pop up and if not find it via alt+tab and choose Yes to
continue. The UAC occurs during the install and when it installs the Winpcap
utility then you will wait a bit when the DVR part is installed. UAC is User
account control. If you have a test machine much better. I can teach you how
to use the program via Skype communications. Tell you the keyboard hotkeys.
This is a video, music and radio downloader. Audio / video file converter.
Very powerful program. The demo version does not expire and allows you to
capture 100% of youtube content with no restrictions. For other content its
50%. At first if the user interface may appear not accessible but it is
indeed accessible. Write me offlist first to introduce yourself and then I
will provide you my Skype ID. I will tell you what to look for via Skype
communications. I can assist you via phone call if you want me to guide you
during the install. You call me as I have no long distance here. I will
create this audio file so you can listen to the interface when I am using
JAWS 16. JAWS 16 works well with this program. The only thing is JAWS loses
focus occasionally so the solution is to tturn off JAWS with insert+F4 then
ok. Restart JAWS and focus is regained until lost again so you have to
repeat the process. This request is for Window Eyes 9.1 experienced users
only. The software can be downloaded at Applian's Technologies website at;
Choose the download button.


Make sure type of install is: Recommended type.
Must install the Winpcap utility during the install.
Please be patient as it takes time to install.
The last part of the install is the DVR and be patient again.

Replay Media Catcher 6 which I call RMC6
Youtube can be captured 100%. No restrictions.
No licence key required if you plan to capture youtube content.
As of April 19. Youtube video is changing soon.

The user guide lists the keyboard shortcuts.
You can import your audio / video files into this program and convert them
to other formats / bit rates.
Powerful. Multi usages.
Read the user guide first. I definitely can show you how to use this program
I have created 14 audio tutorials in a zip file. Using JAWS 16.

Screen readers
If you use JAWS 16 this program works pretty well. Focus issues occur. Read
above about this. The Guide tab control is not useable but you do not need
the Guide content.

NVDA 2015.1
Interface issues. Uses Infragistics interface. Looking for power users only.
ADDON script writers welcomed.
Tested for only 6 days with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.
Can send you an MP3 audio file to listen to and show you how to navigate the
apparent not so accessible interface tips and tricks workarounds.
I have only figured out about 60% so far to access its interface. Again it
is shown in the single audio tutorial MP3 file I can send to you.
Looking only for NVDA users who have time to share valuable knowledge in
using NVDA with Applian's products. Skype communications is a must.

Window Eyes 9.1
ONLY Experienced users.
Try at your own risk. Have no clue as to accessibility.
Can send you an audio file on what to look for.
See if you can use the tab keyboard key to jump its interface.

Contact info
Skype: petrogia

Thank you.

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