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I was able to record the url you gave just fine, but could neither tune to
it nor directly  launch the stream from the  url in WMP10.  When attempting
to tune the url with Replay/A/V8.4 I got a message saying that the stream
had been moved or couldn't be found.  When trying to tune with WMP 10 I got
the message that the stream couldn't be found; not the exact words, but
something close.  

Interestingly, I have noticed the same exact issues with the original KAAM
url you gave me some time ago.  In fact, I sort of wondered if this was the
problem you might be having.  I am a bit behind so I don't know if you have
explained your interest in the url, but if it's what I described, I am
having the same experience.  No way can I tune to or play a live stream with
Replay 8.4 or wmp10. Ok, maybe these versions are part of the problem, but
it sound all too familiar.    



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It's almost 2 AM EST here and I think its the codecs, decoders on my end. No
need to record with Replay Music. I am glad you are using RM.

Thank you for your help.   

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> Add the following URL as Test Show for me. Use whatever method to 
> enter the show. Use stream capture. In Basic tab/page tell it to 
> convert .mp3 32 kbps.
> The URL is:
> http://tvradio.ert.gr/radio/liveradio/asx/era5.asx
> My parents listen to this stream.
> After you add the above to RAV 8 do the following for me:
> In listview list box for above station, do applications key and press 
> "T" for tune to station.
> See if you hear the audio sound for above station on your PC.
> Separate test:
> Close RAV 8 completely.
> Run Windows Media Player. Let me know which WMP player yu have.
> I have WMP 11 here.
> When WMP is ready Press ctrl+U.
> Paste the above URL with ctrl+V and press your ENTER key.
> Let me know if you get the audio through your speakers.
> Press ctrl+S to stop the stream within WMP.
> Do a alt+F4 to close WMP.
> I hope some of you can test it for me. At least 3 or 4 of you.
> Why am I asking for all this you maybe asking me?
> I will explain after some of you tell me your results.
> Thank you for your time.
> Petro
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