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I was asked to text Replay Telecorder for Skype made by Applian Technologies a 
few days ago. The current version has a issue when entering the product key 
code but the developer fix this after my testing. That fixed version is not out 
yet. Also, if you are good with JAWS route JAWS to PC cursor mode and can 
locate hidden text within programs then you can use Replay Telecorder. 
Hopefully the developer will improve the access issues I told him to fix. Below 
are my helpful tips.

Helpful Tips
1. Press alt+ f for file menu.
2. Press alt+h for help menu
3. To register you will need sighted assistance as there is no register button.
4. You enter the product key by going to the help menu with alt+h if you didn't 
do it at the beginning.
5. On the last screen during the install I chose to uncheck the checkbox that 
said to start Replay Telecorder and then I chose the finish button. Personal 
6. The Replay Telecorder program main interface is invisible. You will need to 
use route JAWS to PC cursor to find the 'recording settings'. The default is 
picture in picture. This is the text you will hear when using the route JAWS to 
PC cursor and navigation arrow keys. When you locate 'picture in picture' text 
you do a JAWS left mouse click. A popup context menu list will appear. You will 
find choices to choose from. If you want to know more about these recording 
settings read the user guide which can be found on the web or by doing alt+h 
for the help menu. I believe most blind users will choose 'None'. Choose the 
one you want with enter keyboard key. After you do this you will hear the new 
recordings setting. For me I would hear 'None'. I then have to do either an 
alt+tab or alt+f to disengage this 'None' as I am stuck on it but once I do 
alt+tab and another alt+tab to get back with Replay Telecorder all is ok or for 
most alt+f will do the trick too.

I made 2 test recordings but not to a real human. I need to test this more this 
week with Skype users. The recordings are .AVI format. I don't have Replay 
Converter here so I told Applian to see if these .AVI files will convert 
correctly to .mp3 format using Replay Converter 3.

Windows Media Player 11 will playback .AVI files.

The user guide saids to open Skype first and then make your Skype call and then 
choose 'record' within Replay Telecorder. Which I will call from now on RTC. 
You find the 'record' within the file menu with alt+f then choose record with 

If you use insert+3 you will hear the status bar info within RTC say 0 files, 0 

To change the location where your recorded files go do,
alt+f, then 'open folder' - I don't remember the exact name but you will find 

The listbox view within RTC is not JAWS friendly. For sighted users they see a 
listbox containing all their Skype recordings they have made. I have to go to 
the hard drive folder which is:
\your name\Documents\Replay Telecorder For Skype\

You can access it by doing alt+f then choosing 'open folder' within Replay 
Telecorder program or by going to the desktop and choosing your name icon. This 
testing was done using Vista Home Premium and JAWS 11.

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  I am currently using Call Burner to record Skype calls. However, I know 
Applian has just announced their Skype recorder program called Telecorder. Has 
anyone used it yet? 

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