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  • Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2010 15:54:28 -0400

Hi Petro

I have the Hauppauge WinTV HVR-2250.  It's a PCI Express card.  I haven't
tried recording anything, but the software I use to watch TV is the WinTV 7
that came with it.

I tried the steps you provided, but the radio button for TV tuner card is grayed out. I agree that it would be very cool for an accessible application like Replay AV 8 to work with these cards since most of the bundled software is barely accessible, if at all.

-- Rob

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Hi Rob
Good to hear from you! On my old PC I could never get Replay AV  and the
Haupe pauge tv tuner card to get along. Which tv tuner card do you have
and is it internal or external USB? What software are you using to record
and watch from the card?

I tried for months to get mine to work with no success with Replay AV 8.
The tv tuner card was inserted in the PCI slot of the computer.

It's been a long time ago but going by memory here. Try this. Press
shift+F10 or applications key, choose enter new show, then in the
recording tab make sure you select radio button 'tv tuner card' - use your
down arrow key and you will land on this. It's the 3rd radio button.

Review the basic and schedule tabs after choosing tv tuner card in
recording tab. I think you will have to tell the channel number you want
to record. Do not have your other recording software running that you use
to record currently your tv.

But if you say it doesn't recognize your tv card I do not know why.

I wish Applian had a list of the TV Tuner cards that do work with Replay
AV 8.

I really think this would be a big hit within the blind community as
Replay AV 8 has the scheduling and friendly interface.

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Subject: [blindreplay] Re: Is this list dead or alive - wants to hear from

Hi all,

Paula, I'm in RI as well, however, I'm not stuck here. *grin*

I never received feedback on this, but has anyone had success with Replay
AV and a TV tuner card?  When I select it from the record menu, it gives
me an error about not having such a device.  However, the card does work
perfectly fine with its own software.


-- Rob

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